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Welcome to my web site!


  • New Article - The Physical Effects of Emotions- This article explains how emotions affect our physical health and offers suggestions of essential oils to help tackle the physical symptoms.

    My Name is Kylie Thompson and I am the author of 'Aromatherapy For The Emotions'. I have devised this site as a source of information for those who are interested in aromatherapy. Within the site you will find articles that I have written for magazines, web sites and e-zines.
 For easy home made cosmetic recipes, including instructions for making your own soap go to the page " Hand Made Cosmetic Recipes." In the "Lazy Recipes" section you will find exactly that-recipes for meals that don't take much time or effort but still deliver a tasty and healthy meal. It may seem strange to have cooking recipes on an aromatherapy site, but I figure that many people visiting this site may appreciate them and put them to good use :-)
In the 'Essential Oil Profiles" pages there is information on the medicinal applications of essential oils, and in the 'Skin Care Facts & Myths" page you will find information about chemical skin care products and their effects on your health, plus information on the many synthetic chemical ingrediants commonly used in the many cosmetic products we all use within our homes. The point of this page is to inform you as a consumer about exactly what you are purchasing, and to empower you to make an informed decision as far as your future product purchases are concerned.
 I have named this site 'aromaticamedica' because I want to re-establish aromatherapy's role as a wholistic medicine for both the body and mind, and not just a cosmetic additive that smells nice, or a nice smell you have burning in the vaporiser. I want to share with all who visits this site reliable information that can be put to practical use in everyday life to aid health and wellbeing. I hope you enjoy your visit and find the site informative, entertaining and of help.

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If you don't want to buy this book online and you live in Australia, go into any Angus and Robertson store and ask them to order it in for you.  Quote the Title "Aromatherapy for the Emotions', Author 'Kylie Thompson' and to be on the safe side, the ISBN- 1-4116-3193-5. It will take about 6-8 weeks for Angus & Robertson to get the book in-store for you.

The information contained within this site is general. Any application of the recipes, techniques and suggestions is at the user's sole discretion and risk. For issues of a medical nature, the author suggests that the reader seek medical advice. The material contained on this site is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.

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